Featured Walk Tennessee Members: Meet the Kettreys – Part 2

Last week, we met Keith and Chris Kettrey, who have taken the Nolensville Team in the Walk Tennessee initiative by storm by participating in so many races! But, running isn’t the only way the Kettreys stay in shape. According to Keith, “We do kettle bell strength training at move.lift.run as a cross training activity to support our running. Coach Matt nolensvilleBlankenship was one of our original running coaches in the No Boundaries program who has supported our running and strength training.” Cross training is an important part of running fitness but the Kettreys also take it to the trails to stay in shape and mix up their running routine. So, where do they go? “For road running we like to run in Brentwood at River and Crockett Park for all the great paths that are available. Trail running finds us at Percy Warner Park.”

So, what are their future fitness plans? Running is an important part, of course! Keith shared that he would love to revisit Oslo, Norway and participate in the Rock N Roll Race, having traveled there out after high school. But, so far, their favorite race to participate in has been the Capital City Half Marathon (see picture). Why did this race stand out? “Awesome course through some different parts of the city with great crowd support, music and an outstanding after party!!! Also, I decided I would run with Chris the whole way and we just had a great time!!!”

With so much on their running plate including training, racing, and mentoring new runners with the Couch to 5K Running Program in Nolensville, there’s no doubt why they are both at the top of the Leaderboard in Walk Tennessee. It might be difficult to surpass this fierce running couple from the Nolensville Team – catch them if you can!

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