If the Shoe Fits – wear it!

big_shoesI always loved that saying: If the shoe fits wear it!  Did you know the origin of the phrase dates back to the 16th Century?  What I also found interesting is the expression is often used when something derogatory is said about a person who then complains to a third party.  Well I guess phrases can mean many things depending on the moment.  With my next guest the phrase truly means something positive, she not only runs, but she inspires others and educates them on the benefits!

Meet Shawanna White I started off by asking her when she started running and why, Shawanna replied ‘I was encouraged by my high school coach in 1996, who saw me in the office one day and asked me if I wanted to run track. I said he would have to ask my grandma. My grandma said ‘yes’, but only if he brought me home, because it would be too late to ride the bus and there was no family car to be used.’


I then asked Shawanna about her favorite event(s), Shawanna stated ‘ I love the marathon. I can’t believe I just said that, because I used to think people who ran 26.2 miles were crazy. Guess what, I am crazy as well. I love the distance, because it’s a challenge to see how fast I can go for a long period of time. All that walking with my grandma and aunt is paying off.’ Shawanna went on to tell me about her running ‘I usually run 7 days a week but sometimes I take a day off when I am tired. I use running2win.com to track all runs and races. In 2014 I completed 22 road races which is a low number but I had to take it easy because I had hip surgery in the Spring of 2013′, Shawanna replied.

‘My goals for 2015 are to PR in a marathon, and run a sub 18 minutes for a 5k. I am still getting after it. I was really close in the Bunny Hop 5k(Columbia,SC) in April when I ran 18:06. I am running City of Oaks in Raleigh on November 1st where I PR’d back in 2012 with a time of 2:52:38.

sI went on to ask Shawanna what keeps her inspired ‘I am inspired by every runner (beginners, mid-pack, elite, masters). I love to hear about people accomplishing their goals, because it gets me excited about my goals. Chasing times, chasing distances or chasing people are all things that runners have in common. The beauty is that we all have a story that will inspire others so for me it’s all who share in this sport. Just too many to name,’ Shawanna replied.

I then asked her if someone was new to running or walking – what would you tell them, Shawanna replied ‘I would tell them to get a good pair of shoes and start out slow’, remember if the shoe fits wear it :-)!

I asked Shawanna what she typically thinks about while she is running, Shawanna replied ‘ On easy days I typically think about life, work, family, and my running goals. On hard days I am focused on making my assigned times for the workout.’

shawannaShawanna stated, ‘I am an ambassador for the Skechers Elite Team and  I have a coach that does all the thinking for me about training.  I don’t really have a nutrition plan that I follow. I just make sure to have a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients.

To conclude I asked Shawanna if staying active helped with her career, Shawanna replied ‘YES! I am a Physical Education teacher so it helps to live the part that I am trying to encourage others to do.’

Be sure to follow Shawanna’s journey on Facebook @ peachrunner!!

Thanks Shawanna and good luck completing your goals for 2015!!!

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