From Stress Buster to Healthy Heart Advocate

In my last blog interview we met a wonderful lady that took 20 years off from running and when she got back into it she set her sights on the Boston Marathon.  My next interview is with a wonderful women that leveraged the feeling of running to ward of stress until she had a few health set backs then it became a different passion.

Meet Anna Borghesani —anna

Anna started off by telling me about her inspiration with running, ‘I started running in college as a stress buster.  On Saturday mornings I would go for a run before studying for the whole weekend. I have been running ever since. After moving to the UK I did a few 10ks and 5ks and in 2006-2007 I started doing triathlons.  So I had to share my running with swimming and cycling. In 2011 I fell pregnant but I kept running at a lighter pace and shorter distances,’ Anna replied.

‘In 2012 I could not run much because I was pregnant and it was not very comfortable although I kept walking right up to my delivery date. I resumed running in late 2012. Carried on in 2013 but then it was tough as I was due to have heart surgery as a result of a leaky pulmonary valve. I had surgery in November of 2013. I resumed running in late February 2014 with the aim to complete my first marathon to prove to myself and the world that a heart sufferer can be fit, healthy and run,’ Anna stated emphatically.

anna_london‘I also wanted to raise money for heart charity, so in April of this year I did my 1st marathon, London, with a time of 5:30, the most wonderful thing I have ever accomplished and I have not stopped since. This year I managed to do two more half marathons and now I am training for the Manchester marathon in 2016,’ Anna replied.

I went on to ask Anna about the frequency of her running and if she tracks it, Anna replied ‘I now try to run 4x a week, if not it is 3x a week, with a long run on Saturday at 27km. Tuesday is speed work with an 8k and on Wednesday I do a fast pace but not dead fast, Sunday is a recovery run for about 8-10km.   I use garmin forerunner 220 to track my activity. It is a recent thing as it was given to me in august for my birthday. I use twitter as my support group as we all support each other in the running community!

Anna went on to tell me, ‘My family, my mum, husband and daughter and all the people who sponsored me (Heart anna_with_mumResearch UK sponsorship), keep me inspired.’

I went on to ask her if she met someone new to running or walking what advice would she tell them, Anna responded ‘ The first few miles are the tough ones, go beyond mile 2 or 3 and you will fall in love!’

I asked her about her drive and inspiration and Anna stated, ‘I run to feel alive, to enjoy early morning nature. I run as I love the feel good factor at the end, I run to relieve stress, I run and I smile..I am a better person!’

I then asked Anna about her favorite event and she already hit on it, Anna replied ‘London marathon 2015, because It was a major achievement -16 month post heart surgery!’

anna_medalPeople who have done it tell you that it is a day to remember, unique, unforgettable, but beforehand you just cannot imagine it and understand it. I am now sitting down in my kitchen, with achy legs, and the only thing I can feel is the sense of achievement, pride, joy, my heart full of joy. I cannot hide that it is hard, a very hard test, physically and psychologically, but honestly it is worth it! No money can buy it.

That was it, I ran a marathon, I am marathoner!


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